Youth Protection Policy

Interpark Corporation Minors Protection Policy

Interpark Corporation (hereinafter referred to as the "Company") implements Minors Protection Policy to protect minors under nineteen (19) pursuant to Juvenile Protection Act, Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, Korea Internet Safety Commission rules and standards for contents harmful to juvenile, etc. Also, the Company strictly sanctions any materials harmful to minors and unethical/antisocial acts.

1. Restriction of Minor’s Access to Harmful Information and Management

To make sure that minors should not be hurt from any sale or display of materials harmful to minors, the Company adopts a separate adult verification system and marks to prevent exposure of contents harmful to minors.

2. Counseling for the People Hurt by Harmful Information

The Company operates a report center which receives reports and processes them in relation to the damages due to distribution of materials harmful to minors.

3. Minor Protection Manager and Officer in Charge

The Company appoints a Minor Protection Manger and an Officer in Charge who receives opinions and deals with complaints related to protection of minors. Please contact the following Minor Protection Manager and the Officer in Charge with regard to the matters related to the protection of minors, such as reports of any materials harmful to minors, counseling, and other relevant matters. We will treat such matters fairly and in a timely fashion.

Minor Protection Manager
Name: Jung Yeon Kim
Department: Legal
Title: Manager
Tel: 02-6923-5155
Fax:: 02-6923-5498
minor Protection Officer in Charge
Name: Hyung Woo Kim
Department: Legal
Title: Assistant Manager
Tel: 02-6004-6683
Fax: 02-6923-5498